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Monday, 24 October 2016

Top Arcade Games for Apple TV (2016)

Arcade games, for anyone who enjoyed the old days, those classic games that lived in a special way, with the lever and the buttons and banners. Years passed and arcades left the place to the household consoles, but the genre survived and you can enjoy it on your Apple TV.

What are the main features of arcade games? The simplicity of the graphics, the difficulty increases as we pass levels and, in some cases, daily simulation games, as it can be a pinball.

So in iPadizate we bring you the best arcade games so you can enjoy your Apple TV.

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Top Arcade Games for your Apple TV

Mr Jump

In this addictive and simple game you will meet Mr Jump, a hero with square head, whom you need to jump to avoid obstacles and not lose. With this simple slogan, Mr Jump becomes a fun game with Mario Bros scenarios to - many more ingenious - it will make you very entertaining.

Beach Buggy Racing

This racing game offers you drive racing karts in desaforadas along the beach. As you progress can be unlocked new vehicles, new features to empower and to recruit drivers for your computer. Undoubtedly, Beach Buggy Racing proposes many things so you do not take off your Apple TV.

Cosmos - Infinite Space

This classic game, which recalls the great and infallible Galaga, proposes you take a ship across space, dodging and shooting down enemy ships. How many levels of this game? It is an infinite game, you have hours and hours of fun. Throughout the levels you can go collect items that will give other powers and accelerate your speed.

crossy road

If you've ever played Frogger and liked it, crossy road not disappoint. This adaptation of the classic 2016 game Frog implements graphics in cubism, the best Minecraft style, where you must cross the street to your characters and obstacles, which vary between different animals that go collecting. A classic and effective formula that, with the graphic added, does not fail to have a good time.

Angry Birds Go!

The famous and popular franchise of birds becomes an entertaining racing game. You can use the birds and pigs up a karting, with which along the races get powers and elements that you will use to try to win.

This game is very reminiscent of Crash Team Racing, Crash Bandicoot the saga, more so fun and funny that race. A title that will make you laugh and have fun a lot.

Pac-Man 256

This new version of the classic, legendary Pac-Man infallible does not propose to change the way you play, or change the conception of it, but simple, and ingeniously, brings you an endless stage. As you progress through the maze, he will disappear. In turn, you'll encounter classic ghosts, you appear everywhere.

It's amazing how such a classic and trite game, add a small ingredient and achieve again be compelling, so as to be able to play for hours. Undoubtedly, Pac-Man 256 is one of the best arcade games you can play on your Apple TV.

faily Brakes

Faily Brakes is a driving game where you must drive a vehicle whose brakes fail at the worst time. The solution to this major drawback is to continue driving down, dodging obstacles, preventing your driver out fired by the impact of a crash.

This arcade, which is endless in terms of their levels, can become a bit difficult, so you should not entrust your friendly interface.

Undoubtedly, all these games arcade raise the flag of the genre, and encourage even more children to know, thanks to its simplicity and entertainment.

Have you played any arcade game on your Apple TV?

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