Twitter, Spotify, WhatsApp and a half twist Internet to a large DDoS attack -


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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Twitter, Spotify, WhatsApp and a half twist Internet to a large DDoS attack

The way of functioning of computer networks forming the Internet is easy to explain. Each computer has a pipe through which enters the information and if it happens a lot, it is filled. Large services have giant pipes, but can fill a big attack and pass what we see today.

Throughout the day you can be that you have tried to enter Twitter and could not. You will try to go to Ebay, listen to music on Spotify, browse Reddit, Imgur image sharing or even wanted an apartment on Airbnb and you could not. Everything has a common link, a large DDoS attack on your DNS provider. Let's see what this is.

The DNS provider, the Internet translator

In computing each computer servers to large applications, or games sites have a unique MAC address and in turn, your Internet connection has an IP address. But how is that not write the IP in our browser but put an address in letters? In this direction it is called domain.

The p roveedor DNS is the company that on its servers receive those directions, such as "" and translates them into its IP address to which the information focus.

When a large DNS provider is attacked

And what happened today was that the DNS provider called Dyn has received a DDoS attack, returning to our simple explanations, we have sent a lot of requests that could not be resolved in time. This attack has caused the pages that offered their service suffered delays.

This causes the browser tired of waiting and show an error like "Unable to find the DNS server address". That has been a message very seen today by users of large services like Twitter, Spotify, Ebay, Imgur, Reddit, Shopify, Airbnb, The New York Times, Financial Times or SoundCloud.

Like an earthquake, aftershocks are still being felt

The attack has begun this morning, being connected by Dyn at 13:10 CET Spanish but still have been noticing new blows throughout the afternoon but at intervals not as long as the above mentioned. Since then Dyn is working on solving all problems as soon as possible so the best thing to go with the passing hours.

It is important to know that your data has not been committed. An attack of this type simply will not let you access the page, it is not an attack access the server where the page to steal personal data. Now perhaps you will write tweets knowing it could be the last hours, or the last song you hear on Spotify throughout the day. And that would be a disaster in our life connected! O well, not so much.

Update: uploading images via WhatsApp does not work, a problem that is also introducing Twitter.

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