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Monday, 3 October 2016

Upgrade or not to upgrade to the iPhone 7 ...

One of the most difficult decisions of a follower of Apple and its products come in September when the company launches the next generation smartphone. Do I upgrade or not to upgrade? It's a pretty important decision, since it means shelling out several hundred euros.

IPhone 7 has arrived noisily and many users have done with him, even some models were sold during the period of pre - booking . But you will get iPhone sales reach 6s? Some believe that it will be difficult ...

Here we have some of the reasons why the iPhone 7 could not get the match or exceed sales that Apple achieved with the iPhone 6s. Here we go!

Upgrade or not to upgrade to the iPhone 7 ...

One of the reasons why some users have decided not to upgrade your current model iPhone 7 is because there are hardly any changes to aesthetic and design level. Without going any further, both the iPhone 6s as the iPhone 7 they have exactly the same size and both are made of aluminum Series 7000.

The differences are that the iPhone 7 is waterproof (IP67), no phone jack headphone, line antennas have changed position and the rear camera is now bigger (for iPhone 7 Plus there to emphasize the dual chamber). On the other hand, there are two new colors in which this smartphone is available in black glossy and matte black.

Jack connector eliminating the iPhone 7 could be decisive for many users when to jump into this new model. And although it is an old technology must evolve its use is widespread and not everyone is in favor of its elimination.

On the other hand, we must bear in mind that the iPhone 6s still a very good smartphone and a very interesting to buy option. Only takes a year on the market and the arrival of the iPhone 7 Apple has lowered its price, so which is the perfect time to be with him. For this reason, many users prefer to buy the iPhone 6s instead of the iPhone 7 and save a few euros.

In addition, we must not forget that next year marks 10 years of the iPhone, so it would not be surprising that many users have chosen not to buy the iPhone 7 and wait to see what Apple has in store at the tenth anniversary . And everything seems to indicate that the apple guys surprised everyone with the next generation of its smartphone.

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