Using the iPhone 7 in the Shower, Status Symbol Last US

The new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are the first Apple smartphone to be waterproof, a feature that has not been overlooked users. So much so, that in the United States the ultimate symbol of status is to use the iPhone 7 in the shower, and today we will explain why.

The fact that the iPhone 7 to be waterproof has opened a new world of possibilities when using the smartphone. Gone are the days of rain in which you tried that mobile or impermeable covers to immerse him in the pool is not wet.

Year after year the iPhone becomes more resistant and durable, making it a less fragile device. This time the iPhone 7 is water resistant finish, so it is now possible even get him into the shower if you want.

Why it has become fashionable to use the iPhone 7 in the shower?

As we said earlier, in the United States the fact of using the iPhone 7 in the shower has become the latest fashion, a status symbol. And it is that the lucky who have an iPhone 7 are using it even when showering to tweet, send messages, take selfies or even send Snapchats.

Obviously, this is not tweeting power or send a message from the shower is more, people do not really need to know if your partner is responding to him while underwater. The fact that the iPhone is waterproof 7 offers users complete freedom to do whatever you want with your smartphone.

What do you think that the iPhone 7 to be waterproof? Would you use your smartphone while you shower to answer messages, posting on social networks or send a Snapchat? Tell us your opinion in the comments!
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