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Friday, 7 October 2016

Using the Scribble Function watchOS 3 in Apple Watch

The arrival of watchOS 3 has brought new features and functions to the Apple Watch, the smartwatch of the Cupertino company.

One of the most interesting features of watchOS 3 is "Scribble". This option allows users to write messages without the need to dictate your voice.

But ... How the new Scribble of watchOS 3 Function used?

Scribble writing messages on Apple Watch

1. Open the messages application from the home screen of your Apple Watch.

2. Select the conversation you want to answer or write a message. Additionally, you can use Force Touch to start writing a new message.

3. In the conversation, press on the blue button Scribble.

4. In the panel below type your message sliding your finger on the screen letter by letter.

5. As you type, you can rotate the Digital Crown or press on the arrows in the upper right corner to access word predictions.

6. When you are finished, press the "Send" button top right.

As you have seen, send a message through the new functionality Scribble implanted in the watchOS 3 operating system for the Apple Watch wearable company apple bite is really simple.

Do you have any doubt? Want to share your experiences with us? You can participate in the comments box located at the bottom of this article and in our social networks.

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