Video updated construction progress at the Apple Campus 2 October

It is progressing steadily. Construction Apple Campus 2 (the new office of Apple), this time by an updated construction progress at the Apple Campus 2 October 2559 by Drone video to watch as ever.

Profile updates the video progress construction of Drone Apple Campus 2 by Duncan Sinfield demonstrated to begin installing lights in the building. Expected to be used for illumination at night for construction.

Video Progress Construction Apple Campus 2.

Apple continues landscape And conducting orientation walks And paved areas for landscaping already. To have started planting trees around the building.

In addition, videos of Matthew Roberts has revealed details of the progress of construction included below.

  • Solar Cell panels installed on the roof of a 40% "mother ship".
  • Building Research and development (R & D), Fitness Center for employees and parking lot construction is nearing completion.
  • Large Hall (Auditorium) began to take shape. It is expected to take place in the new product launch.
  • Tunnels underneath buildings Drilling into the ground, about 50%.

Apple confirmed that it will proceed to completion. Employees will move into the Apple Campus 2, in the year 2017 is expected Apple will move into the number of employees 130 000 people work in the area of 2.8 million square feet of space, 176 acre (445 hectares) of Apple Campus 2.
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