Vine says Goodbye, So is the end of this Community of Viral -


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Saturday, 29 October 2016

Vine says Goodbye, So is the end of this Community of Viral

It is not unknown that Twitter is not exactly at its best. Speculation has continued to haunt the company, after rumors of large companies interested in submitting bids, to finally come to nothing, it is not surprising that its value has fallen precipitously in recent months.

This, though obviously not been confirmed by the company itself, could have had some influence on decision-making as before us today. And it is that four years after the acquisition came from Twitter, we find the news of the closure of the same.

Soon, you can not publish more vines

Yeah, I came as we know it will disappear in no time. The community with millions of users began to discover the curiosities of life of people around the world through short videos decided to share them , begins the process to close down completely in the not too distant future. All this, after several attempts to resurrect it by Twitter.

In a statement from his official blog , Vine announced that mobile applications will stop working soon, so that from that moment, can not upload more videos to the community. From that same entry also indicate that the website will by the active time to see vines that have already been published, and also you can download your vines to keep after closing.

Vine and Twitter, a success story, truncated

Now, after this unexpected event, we can not but ask the reasons for this decision. As I said earlier, it is likely that after being the victim of speculation, Twitter has been forced to divest certain services. Consider that this has not been the only movement carried out, also they have been laid off 350 workers from the social network.

In any case, we can only expect upcoming announcements from the company about his disappearance, which surely will not take too long to arrive. From here, take leave of this app so good times that has brought me, and I always got a smile when passing through bad times, you'll miss Vine.

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