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Thursday, 6 October 2016

What does the future iPad Mini Pro to be a success?

Lately people are talking about the next generation Apple iPad. Many rumors speak of the possibility that the company is preparing a new release for early next year, which would consist of 3 different versions of iPad , including the iPad Mini Pro.

In recent times the iPad and tablet all in general have been losing considerable ground among users, but Apple still continues to fight for your device does not lose presence and continue to have a gap in the home. Without going any further, the latest iPad Pro advertising campaigns focus on showing what he can do and how to Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil can become the perfect substitute for a laptop.

But if there is a device that has been most affected is the iPad Mini, the model with 7.9 inch screen. So then you're going to tell what things need to change Apple for the new iPad Mini Pro is a success among users.

Features that would succeed the iPad Mini Pro

Support for Apple Pencil

Some believe that the iPad 7.9 inches is the perfect size for Apple Pencil, larger even than other models of iPad Pro. On the other hand, there are people who ended up giving aside the iPad by using the iPhone 5.5 inches and support for Apple Pencil could change this trend.

A good place to store the Apple Pencil

One of the things that Steve Jobs did not want to use a stylus was because you could easily lose. It is true that Apple Pencil is larger than a traditional stylus, but would not be bad that the company created a small place where storage when not in use and do not walk around loose from one place to another.

A Smart Keyboard even smarter

Apple keyboard for iPad Pro 9.7 and 12.9 inches is pretty good, but for the iPad Mini Pro the company should go a step further. For example, a keypad rather than electrical and physical out all appeared when the housing is opened.

powerful applications

The best thing you can do to prevent Apple iPhone sales in July Plus affect the iPad Mini Pro is getting one does something the other can not. To do this, Apple should focus on applications for the iPad Mini Pro, throwing some that are unique to this device.

A specific operating system for the iPad

While it is true that iOS works perfectly on iPad, some believe that sometimes this software is something short and would be nice to have another different from the iPhone. If the Apple Watch works with its own operating system (watchOS), why he would not have the iPad also one specific?

And you, what do you think you need the iPad Mini Pro to be a hit with users? Tell us in the comments!

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