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Saturday, 15 October 2016

What Games Will Bring Sony to iOS in 2018?

This week claimed that Sony was about to throw no more and no less than five games for mobile devices with iOS interest-- and other smaller systems, thus competing with Nintendo to get slice of the ever - increasing world of mobile gaming .

Although not yet have an official date, it looks like it will be in March 2018, under the subsidiary of Sony directed to the section of mobile, ForwardWorks. The titles and contents of these are not public yet, but SONY will launch first in Japan and the rest of Asia.

Big profits in a large market

Japan, in fact, is the main reason why Sony has taken the step to venture into mobile games , since the platform is more profitable in this Asian country than in many others. At the moment, much of the revenues come from its platform Sony PlayStation 4, including games and accessories.

In addition, the company already has a mobile device released by themselves, PlayStation Vita, but this is focused almost entirely on video games, so it does not raise the attention of those who already have a high - end smartphone.

An increasingly cost-effective platform

Hope Sony, we suppose, is to get a slice of the huge market that make mobile gaming, a similar movement that began Nintendo Pokémon GO months ago and that, apparently, still has enough public attention to be profitable.

It is known that in the United States, at least, mobile games exceeded sales of games for consoles and PC together, something that would never have thought possible years ago.

Maybe Sony's efforts are a little behind the footsteps of Nintendo, which has already released a few titles and is planning to take Super Mario Run in the iOS operating system . However, we must see how this ends, since Sony is accustomed to rule with their consoles, while Nintendo is the king of portable consoles.

Why betting company? Leave your answer in the comments!

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