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Monday, 3 October 2016

What iPad Mini Model Should You Buy?

Choose your iPad Mini can be a laborious choice, since there are different models and versions available on the market. To make the simplest way, and if you want to not wait for the launch of the iPad Mini 5 , will help you with this guide to see what is right according to the characteristics of each user.

What iPad Mini models on the market?

Currently Apple offers two options in the Mini category are the iPad Mini 2 and iPad Mini 4. It should be recalled that the fourth - generation iPad replaced the Mini 3, since the Cupertino considered their characteristics were similar.

Let 's see what the different specifications offered by each of the models.

Versions and colors

If we see varaciones version note that both generations have for use only with Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + Celullar. The Wi + Fi + Cellular allows us to also connect via data network, as you do with the iPhone. The colors are silver paths and tablets offer special gray, but with the difference that in the 4 gold can get.

Storage capacity

Undoubtedly this is one of the main themes to play, because it is something that can limit us or not. The older generation only proposes 32 GB, which can be us short, while the current comes in 32GB or 128 GB. Something to consider if many applications are used.


Although both are within the same segment have small one might say ínfimas- differences in size and weight, because 2 weighs 331 grams, 30 more than the most modern. As for the size of the screen there is no change, since both have a retina display of 7.9 inches.


One of the topics that tilts to the user. The fourth generation gene takes advantage with its 8 megapixels compared with 5 megapixel second generation model. In turn also it has slow motion video at 720 FPS, burst, timer and HDR mode for photos and videos FaceTime; things we lack in the iPad Mini 2.

Siri and Touch ID

Both items are not essential when everyday use, but they are a particular addition of an Apple product. Both versions bring Siri integrated, but only the last brings the famous Touch ID.


Here is the point where the fourth generation takes advantage in performance, since its A8 chip makes your CPU and graphics processor are faster compared the A7. Therefore, if your idea is to use many applications is an important issue.

What we choose?

The best option would be to go for an iPad Mini 4 32GB Wi-Fi version , which is around 389 euros. Now, if you are not interested or ID touch, or a better camera, even a great processor, and you're looking for is a tablet of Apple, rendidora for a rather basic everyday, no doubt you should go for the iPad Mini 2 which costs 285 euros in its Wi-Fi 32GB version.

If your idea is on the side to play video games or download lots of applications, should go for an iPad Mini fourth generation version 128GB Wi-Fi , to perform at its best. In turn, if you're always connected to the internet the ideal would be a fourth generation 32 GB version Wi-Fi + Celullar, which costs 647 euros.

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