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Thursday, 13 October 2016

What is going on with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a telephone call. We could try before the South Korean manufacturer would make all users return the device battery problems. It's been over a month since its release and is far from being solved controversy has proved worse over the weeks.

It is time to stop, look back and review why the Note 7 and their problems can adversely affect the reputation of the brand. A pity that one of the best smartphones of the year have these problems.

August: the problems appear later this month

  • August 2: Presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Pick up the excellent witness to the Galaxy S7 Edge and comes with slightly curved screen and increased battery to date: 3500mAh in a very content body. It is estimated about 10 million until end of year sales.
  • 16 August: begins the book in Spain . Its official price is 859 € until end of month given away a Samsung Gear VR.
  • August 29: Appears on Youtube the video of a Note 7 afire.
  • August 31: Samsung delayed his departure in Spain until September 9 to verify that these incidents are isolated cases.

September: Samsung recognizes the problem and start the replacement program

  • September 2: Samsung recognizes the problem and paralyzes sales . It makes a first official statement which calls on all users to return the device. Problem present in 1 in 42,000 Note 7. Replace them all to avoid loss of reputation will cost Samsung 1000M $ .All major American carriers immediately suspend sales until receiving the reemplazos.Se eliminated in the official account of Samsung all promotional tweet the Note 7 .
  • September 7: Samsung contacts with all users to return the device. the new units will ship on September 19th. a Galaxy S6 replacement is available.
  • September 8: Here is the analysis of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Our test unit does not suffer any type of heating.. News keep popping explosions Note 7. A burning jeep out but then shows uncertain .
  • September 9: The Safety Commission US Consumer Products issued a statement advising stop using the Note 7 danger involved.
  • September 10: Second official statement , Samsung urgently recommends return all Note 7 to recognize despite only 35 cases of explosions.
  • September 13: Samsung announces a patch layer battery up to 60% to prevent those who have not yet returned the Note have problems.

  • September 15: All Note 7 replacement will be marked by a black box and the battery icon in green. A Note 7 ignites a car in Florida.
  • September 16: The FAA prohibits use Note 7 during flights.
  • September 19: This day should begin sending the first units of replacement, but is slightly delayed. The problems come from the battery, the new models come with batteries from other suppliers.
  • September 20: Last recall of Samsung , extend the deadline for return. Only 25% of users has returned wide Samsung Note 7. 60% to 80% maximum battery.
  • September 21: US begin shipping in the first Note 7 replacement. Offer those users exchange the Note 7 product Samsung and other gift card 25 $ .The number of affected recognized amounts to 92, including 26 burns and 55 cases of property damage.
  • September 22: Nearly 50% of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 original has been returned.
  • September 26: Samsung delayed the official sale again for new controls . It scheduled for September 28 in Korea, it is delayed to October 1.
  • September 30: The American operators offer their users return the device for money.

October: Replacement Units also have problems

  • October 5: A Southwest Airlines 994 flight from Louisville to Baltimore is evacuated because a Note 7 fire. It turns out to be one of the replacements. The problem is rekindled. Samsung offers the following response:
"There is no evidence that this incident is related to the new Note7. We are working with the authorities and Southwest to retrieve the device and confirm the cause "
  • October 7: The American operators offer their users return the device for money, even if it is a replacement.
  • October 9: New cases of fires in Note 7 replaced, one in a Burger King Korea is videotaped . Samsung is aware of the problem of one user but hides.
  • October 10: 85% of users who bought the Note 7 have returned. Korean Yonhap news agency and the Associated Press confirmed that Samsung has stopped producing new Galaxy Note 7. The Dutch delegation confirms that stops sales.
  • "We are temporarily adjusting the production schedule of the Galaxy Note 7 in order to take additional measures to ensure their quality and safety."
  • October 10: Through a press release, Orange announced that it has temporarily suspended new bookings Samsung Note 7 to communicate the results of the investigations.
And the story continues ...

There are the batteries, is the transparency of Samsung

Several investors from Samsung have already publicly stated that the best thing the company can do is cancel the Note 7. Nothing happens in a few months can make another model and focus on the future Galaxy S8 (we will not see that yes until March) .

Replacement models have not gone as expected and there is no point trying to gain the trust of users with this device after all the negative publicity they have had due to their problems. It is better than Note 7 to be as a stain on the history of Samsung not continue and that the bad press will spread to other models.

The problem is no longer just for the safety of users Note 7 is that many of them have seen after spending € 800 on a device, the manufacturer has not kept in constant contact with them to offer the replacement. Several users have reported that since 26 September (expected date on which replacement) know nothing: neither Samsung nor Post. The information is absent. The fact is that these users can even ask for a refund because they keep the S6 Samsung lent them during the wait.

Other complaints we have received is about replacement Note 7. To avoid overloading Samsung hood up to 60% battery, it is that the new models some users have noted that the total load is better opening suspicion that perhaps replaced models are also limited. A maneuver that we could not see from here and perhaps models with battery of a particular vendor. Whatever is up showing that the new Note 7 are not short of problems hence the delay in delivering replacements.

The debate we opened a few weeks ago is still open; ¿Get Samsung solve this controversy? Will they change their communication strategy to clarify this issue?

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