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Thursday, 6 October 2016

What not to do to be dissatisfied with the design of your iPhone7

Have you purchased an iPhone 7 , but its design does not convince you? Do not wait and get re - design the purest style iPhone 4 with only a circular saw and a band giant industrial sandpaper.

Perhaps reading the previous paragraph you've been a little out of place, but it's true. A youtuber has managed to return the right to life of the iPhone using industrial machinery edges.

Do not do this at home

First, you removed the iPhone and held it firmly with a support and then begin to get rid of their curved edges and leave them completely straight.

Then he took care of the corners and perfect the parts previously sawed. He returned to his new iPhone mount and eleven appeared to be old models.

It has become a tradition?

As usual thinking, this is crazy. It's just one more method of experimentation with new Apple devices, something that we are almost accustomed to and that is a tradition in the network.

You'll run on YouTube dozens of videos of the most brutal ways to destroy an iPhone and you can not stop them. Apparently users like. We have seen from an iPhone crushed in a blender until another submerged in lava, through being fired by assault rifles and used to play golf..

What it is a viral business

If anything they are subjected iPhone are resistance tests. No matter how extreme or absurd they are, what matters is how will the device after the test. But that is something that your answer is known even before playing the video very badly.

To all this, it may even seem fun to see how a mobile phone destroy art or real feel embarrassed, because these people are spending hundreds and thousands of dollars in smartphones to destroy them. But of course, with a video trashing one win enough to buy five more.

What do you think about this trend? Do you find it funny, annoying or you are indifferent? What would you do? Do not forget to give us your opinion by below.

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