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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

What products should I use to clean my iPhone or iPad?

The iPhone and iPad have always been manufactured with high quality materials, whether they are made of plastic, aluminum and even glass. The fact is that the vast majority of users like to take care of their products, especially for the high cost thereof.

Ignorance not use the right products and finished aesthetically damaging our devices, which is why we have prepared this guide with suggestions for products and properly cleanse your iPhone or iPad.

Cleanliness is a really simple process, but it requires attention, good lighting and carefully follow the steps for proper cleaning.

Before starting

Before starting to clean the iPhone regardless of the model is held, the first thing to be considered is to turn off the device with disconnecting the cables. In this case, holding down the Power button until we see appear the word "off" on the slide.

You must use a very soft towel, which does not contain any lint and that is very lightly moistened.

To take into account

It is important to prevent moisture can access the slots or openings on the iPhone. Cleaning products are very strong and abrasive, the use could impair the surface thereof, can even scratch the screen, so its uses are not recommended, in addition to consider:

  • The plastic housing should be cleaned with a soft lint-free cloth, in the same way you can use this method to remove fingerprints that are present in the glass.
  • In order to clean the iPhone 5s Touch ID (Home button) containing a digital fingerprint sensor, it must be cleaned using a very smooth and without any lint or debris towel.
  • The tray or SIM card space is one of the most common places in the accumulation of dirt. For cleaning process should be employed using a slightly damp cloth, avoiding a possible entry of moisture into the harbor entrance, just as with towels to use must ensure that no residue or lint.


The housings are also part of cleaning to do it correctly you must follow some instructions.

  • Cases plastic or acrylic: in this particular case should remove the device from its holster, cleaning the inside and outside of it with a slightly damp towel should not be used under any circumstances any cleaning product, as this may affect. greatly the appearance of it.
  • Cases Leather and fur: in this case the material is leather, so its appearance will vary as will be of use to clean a towel soaked in warm water with mild soap making.. You can also use a clean, dry cloth, accompanied by a gentle cleanser. If you do not have yours yet, you can look at these leather cases presented Tesla last year .

Leather cleaners can be very harsh chemicals that change the appearance of the leather so its use is better circumvent it , but if you want to maintain the appearance and care of the housing should avoid direct and prolonged sun exposure. Avoiding excess heat and moisture help preserve the appearance of it. Oils, contact with jean fabrics are dyed or these, or makeup can stain the leather.


Everyone is very important to keep your iPhone or iPad in perfect aesthetic state, if we're going to do a thorough cleaning of our teams must turn them off and do not use solvents to avoid damaging them. What do you take precautions when cleaning your iPhone ? I invite you to comment.

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