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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

What You Want In Apple All New iOS11

There were so many high expectations we had for iOS 10, seeing that there were too many changes, we got a great disappointment. Not that it 's a bad version of the operating system, but it is true that it is not as novel as expected.

It is indisputable that in performance and optimization is left over, but users have wished that the new version of IOS go much further. An improvement or new function that marks a before and after. Some absurd and some really great ideas. But Apple apparently has not paid much attention to the requests of users and as always, they have decided what is best.

Even so, users do not surrender and occasionally cause a stir on the net with proposals for Cupertino on new ideas to improve or add features to the new version of the operating system launched.

Here's a list of the best user proposals for the next version: iOS 11.

State synchronization between devices

Imagine the possibility of being at home listening to music on your Mac, to go outside, we can resume playing with our iPhone exactly where we left off . Well, now imagine this with virtually the entire system. Would not that be great?

Guestlists for all

The VIP lists allow us to create a separate group and priority notification for contacts that are most important to us. But it is only available in the mail. That's not enough. It would be great that his goal was broader and also address calls and messages, among others.

absolute identification

We want a touch of identification and protection with passcode or Touch ID for each application as it would protect our data no matter where we are, what or who is trying to access them. I exist applications with support for Touch ID as Evernote or Telegram, why not have it natively?

night mode

All we have ever had to squint to enter settings or Photos, through iTunes and the App Store. Our view is sometimes impaired and need a night mode. The Night Shift is not bad, but not too attractive nor effective. A programmable night mode as the Night Shift would be ideal.

Siri with text

Have you ever happened to you that you wanted to use Siri but you could not speak for different reasons? Apple one of our applause would win if they add a function to use Siri by orders written by ourselves.

Handwriting recognition on iPad

Some people write with the onscreen keyboard, iPad find it a bit complicated, so turn to write with, for example, the Apple Pencil. The downside is that these documents can not be converted to text. There should be a function text recognition for it. Although there are third-party apps that allow it, this also prefer it natively.

These have been some of the most talked about proposals by users. You can meet some of the other features that we waited for 10 in the WWDC16 iOS Apple , but ultimately they have not seen in this version and hopefully if doing so in the next.

What do you think about it? Do you think that some of these proposals are dispensable? Do you have any idea about something that should really include the new version of iOS in addition to all the above? Hope your answer in the comments.

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