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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Whatsapp introduces video calls on Android and here we explain how to enable

With the latest updates have Whatsapp video calls. This feature has already begun to implement many accounts Whatsapp users. For now the emergence of this option is totally random. Despite this some forums found methods to accelerate the possibility of this feature. Some time ago we talked about the posibilitad that this happened.

With this new option we see every day are easier communications through our devices. The option to only use one program to send messages, have voice and video calls is most appealing. This spells the end of such charges as we know them. Within a short time to have a good amount of mobile data contract we will not need anything else.

Anyway we will have to see how this service works. For some time we voice we call via Whatsapp but these are nothing popular. In part this is because not everyone has large amounts of data, both users have to use their connection to make the call, and the quality of these calls also leaves to be desired. Hopefully these functions are diligent in order to use them as usual.


As mentioned for now this option is being activated randomly on devices. Still we have a "trick" to increase our chances.

For this simply have to delete the application and then install it to return to loguearnos. We'll have to repeat this action until pressing the call button on a conversation we leave the video call option. We recall that by doing this we will lose our entire conversation history. To fix just have to save it before deleting the application.

It should be noted that both users must have the same version of the application so that the call can be made.

Hopefully soon Whatsapp enable it to all users and can actually see if it works well when millions of people use it at the same time.

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