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Thursday, 20 October 2016

WhatsApp is updated with photo editing and design changes

WhatsApp is increasing the pace of upgrades, taking what he likes competition and making it his own. Of course, reverse engineer responsible for these functions must be very well paid for Facebook.

We can not deny that WhatsApp is the most used by the application smartphone users so the popularity of the application grows so much every time you add a function of competition. What brings us back this update?

WhatsApp is updated again

We do not yet have the ability to send GIFs directly from the application. In this new version they have added a new photo editing system in which you can enter text from the keyboard, drawing with paintbrushes what you can even pixelate part of pictures. In this same way you can add stickers.

Design changes

We also found changes in the interface design. The image of the user profile of the person you are talking has been shifted to the left, next to the counter of unread messages and the back button. Photo allaying the hateful phone button always pressed when they want cotillearnos profile.

For its part, the submit button has also already changed no text but a paper airplane - Telegram pure style.


In the settings have included a new option Delete All Chats, can make disappear all chats in your inbox in one fell swoop.

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