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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

who want to write with one hand

In these days in which smartphones are getting bigger - however already coined the term phablet, referring to the device that is halfway between the tablet and smartphone - innovations in design tend to make despite a larger size, which of course often results in higher image quality and more comfortable navigation screen, smartphones remain manageable and ergonomic, and your battery will not see resents it.

One of the direct consequences of the size - how many of us greatly appreciated the arrival of the iPhone as a continuation of spectacular iPhone 5S - is the difficulty of writing with one hand.

But Apple knows this and has taken note of it. At least since iOS 8 is currently implementing a form of writing that allows to do it with one hand, which we used to hold our terminal. As it does? With a technique that actually we are clumsy already knew: by sliding or Swype.

To keep the next and at your thumb keys, Apple has crushed the characters, expanding other keys such as copy, paste, delete ... maintaining productive keyboard on top. Although these developments are not available to any user of IOS, developer versions allow you to view this hidden innovation.

Let 's face it : this type of keyboard sliding or Swype leads in the smartphone market in Android for years, but the reality is that writing on an Android is infinitely more vague than done on an iPhone, so it is logical and understandable that were available this technology much earlier.

Steve T-S ✔ @stroughtonsmith
Today's fun hack (been there since at least iOS 8); the iOS keyboard has an unused left/right one-handed mode. Activated by edge-swipe pic.twitter.com/zIk7x7CVmu
 Steve T-S ✔ @stroughtonsmith
Video or it didn't happen: (very hard to engage in the Simulator with a mouse cursor)

Although this sliding keyboard could benefit users who want to write with one hand, Apple still not been released yet because it entices them to reduce the size of the keyboard and also are terribly proud of the precision of a method of effective writing and long worked for Steve Jobs.

Sure the boys of the apple something happens sooner or later to combine the two things: a keyboard on one hand can type with one hand and also not lose functionality and accuracy for users who use both hands . If anyone can innovate, those are the Cupertino.

What do you think of a future Swype keyboard mode? What emplearíais instead of the traditional keyboard Apple?

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