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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Why Apple has forgotten the iPod Touch and brothers

Who is not fascinated music? Dance from the 80s to the Dubstep of our decade, through the 90s Pop and all kinds of musical categories and for having.

Do you remember the Walkman? The mp3? And the radio? Perhaps some of our readers are too young to have used in his day, one of these "clunkers" forgotten by the technological age, but they sure know all too well the iPod.

The iPod was launched nothing less than 15 years around, and forever changed the way we listen to music. That slogan "1,000 songs in your pocket" says it all.

For its time, the iPod was incredibly small and light. Also, it seemed like magic to save as much music in it. Even the bricks "Nokia" of at that time were able to store as much content.

The original iPod, first generation was able to play most audio formats available yesteryear: MP3, WAV and AIFF. Now, with the sixth - generation iPod Touch, the device has changed a lot and allows users to surf the web, send messages, play games, and even download thousands of applications.

Today, you'd have to press the search button on the Apple website to finally find the iPod and see that still exists. But the company seems to have completely forgotten that device that gave them so much glory.

In fact, its 15th anniversary yesterday passed without us hardly noticing. Yes, it is clear that the company must focus all its efforts on improving existing technology and develop new products, but let 's not forget that it was the iPod that gave him all the success the iPhone, which followed in its wake until today .

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