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Monday, 3 October 2016

Why does my iPhone or iPad Heats Both? How to avoid it?

Surely more than once you have wondered why my iPhone or iPad so hot? Even, sometimes you've worried a bit about this. But it is something completely normal, since these devices are small computers with the difference that no ventilation inside to keep everything fresh.

Of course, this does not mean that if your iPhone or iPad temperature reaches high levels can not be damaged. Here in CP we show you how to differentiate the temperature of an excessively high temperature.

Why is my iPhone or iPad so hot?

You do not have to worry, it is normal that your device is put warm or hot if you give a little constant use. This happens when you demand a little hardware, for example:

  1. Playing intense 3D games.
  2. Transmission of high quality video for long periods of time.
  3. Use applications that are demanding with the processor as a video editor or a synthesizer.
  4. Make much use of GPS, especially with older devices.
  5. And, of course, while charging the device, especially if you combine this factor with others already mentioned.

Like a desktop or laptop, your iOS device generates a certain amount of heat. There are two components that are primarily to generate heat, the first is the chip system (which would be the CPU of a computer) , and battery. In this article we tell you how to avoid heating the battery of your iPhone or iPad.

If my iPhone or iPad so hot, they can be damaged? How to avoid it?

It is very difficult to damage your device even though you think it is too hot when you have it in your hand. The reality is that in the absence of any internal ventilation to cool the device, the metal casing makes the role of a heat sink.

This means that when your iPhone feels hot, is simply moving heat to the outside to avoid damaging internal components. In addition, ARM chips used by Apple are very efficient in terms of heat production, so only generate much heat when the equipment is taken to the limit for long periods of time.

Tips to refresh your iPhone or iPad when they are too hot:

There is a difference between warm and hot and between hot and too hot. These devices are designed to work in temperatures between 0 and 35, this means that very high or very low temperatures can cause serious problems.

When your iPhone or iPad are heated reaching too high temperatures, a message appears on the screen I haciéndotelo know. In turn, many functions of the device are disabled or pass to a low power mode to generate less heat for use.

Avoid overheating your iPhone or iPad is easier than you think

Find out how you can achieve:

  • If you use a case like most users, then this could cause your device to warm up a bit, especially if you live in a hot climate or the device is charging. This is because these protectors are made of a material containing the heat rather than dissipating it .
  • If your iPhone or iPad heat can often be due to a hardware problem or software. In most cases, it is due to software problems . To resolve this, you can try to revoke permissions background applications in the Settings> General> Applications menu in the background.
  • If you notice that is too hot, the best you can do is turn it off, unplug the charger, remove it from the holster if you're using it and let it rest until the temperature drops.

Something you should never do is to place your device in the refrigerator or some other environment that cause a rapid temperature change, since it causes moisture inside and this damages the device.

In short, your iPhone or iPad is heated as it is normal, as long as this is not all the time without any reason. Just keep in mind all these tips and you'll have no problem.

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