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Monday, 3 October 2016

Why the iPhone is more powerful than Android?

Each year we are with the same. new devices with Android, new processors and appear suddenly comes the new iPhone to beat them all in performance. You may not have the best screen, the best camera and lose in other comparisons, but here wins.

Who shows us the new domain this time Apple on AnTuTu's performance is September results that were published in the Chinese social network Weibo.

The iPhone continue on the crest yield

In August we could see quite a different graphic to which we can see for September. By then, the iPhone 6S had already been surpassed by the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and had to head to OnePlus 3 140288 points. Now we can see the position of the new Apple A10 next to Qualcomm Snapdragon 821.

Apple is again in the lead, followed by a difference of 9268 points Leeco Le Pro 3, in turn followed also something away from Xiaomi Mi5s Plus difference on the next, the Xiaomi Mi5s. These three have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, as we expect to see in Google Pixel .

Among those mentioned above we can see how the Xiaomi Mi5s stays behind to have a capada version of Snapdragon 821 while the Mi5s Pro and Leeco Le Pro3, both with the full version of this processor and also 6GB of RAM are put ahead . The newcomer Galaxy Note 7 change is not able to overcome the OnePlus 3.

What's so special processors Apple?

If we analyze the numbers of Apple, Exynos, Mediatek and Qualcomm processors we see that do not differ much. A number of similar gigahertz, a similar memory, etc ... So we find the difference?

First we can believe that manufacturing in the size, since the apple company relies on 16nm while Samsung or Qualcomm prefer reduced to 14nm. It may seem to favor for the last mentioned, but there is little difference between them and are considered part of the same generation as when coexisted and 40nm processors 45, 28 and 32nm or 22 and 20nm.

Another difference is in how to build it . While Qualcomm and Samsung rely on LPP called FinFET 14nm, TSMC, Apple A10 processor manufacturers prefer to 16nm FinFET. Again we come to the same as before with nanometers, but never mind that. It is a fact about marketing. In this case the important thing is that there are two different ways to make a processor, we find the same battle between Nvidia and AMD graphics. It seems to be showing since last year that the form of making TSMC, which relies Apple and Nvidia offers better performance.

We all know that Apple has many benefits, it always allows you to invest in technology that will go to favor more. In the past it was Samsung who manufactured the processors of the company until last year it produced the Apple A9 conjunction with TSMC and this year has been only TSMC who is responsible. Also remember that with the Apple A9 were some complaints that manufactured by Samsung yielded worse.

But also we use logic, if a processor only had important figures and technical data than a normal user can get, you would not be all the same? A processor is quite complex and after all if we saw as a processor Apple, Samsung or Qualcomm would see inside that are very different. So we must give congratulations to Apple engineers responsible for processors as well. After all this, if we look at the benchmarks also we see a big difference Apple processors for single - core work, which is most required in a mobile device.

This year with Hurricane (Apple microarchitecture A10 Fusion) have returned to do a good job improving by 40% and 50% CPU GPU on the Apple A9, being of the few manufacturers to offer GPU Power VR Series.

A processor can not be analyzed only looking numbers

It is difficult watching the small leaves of features that we have a person either at our disposal to major processors can see a difference. We announced a new processor and comments are always with joy because it will be the best or disappointment that has changed little, however when the results is quite the opposite.

Apple engineers already carry a few years doing their job very well and good helping manufacturers such as TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company), as they have the economic potential enough to choose what will best quality they offer regardless. When users use this hardware in your iPhone plus they will find another good job done by software engineers that will be available 100% of the processor, made just for them.

In Android we see a large domain of Qualcomm, preferred by many manufacturers and users be open on the subject of drivers to enable the development of ROMs. They do not seem to be changing much over the years although we could find around its Tegra Nvidia with Samsung Exynos processors or giving a twist to the scene thanks to the good work you are doing on this issue.

Huawei also has in its hands the possibility to surprise us with their Kirin. The time will show us who will happen or if we'll stay the same, perhaps a purchase of AMD to change things and decide to join the ARM processors.

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