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Friday, 21 October 2016

Widgets iOS 10 hide a serious security problem

After the redesign of the user interface elements of the iOS lock screen 10 , have opened new security holes that could prevent users safeguard their privacy.

First, the new lock screen and the Rapid Response iOS 10 enables anyone to not only see and reply to applications like WhatsApp and iMessage, but also to observe all the conversation windows unfurled the Enriched Notifications .

And now, with the widgets iOS 10 on the lock screen, anyone turn the screen of your iPhone / iPad can see your lists, your calendar, reminders, your location, your photos and even applications more use every day.

Personally, the design of new notifications and widgets iOS 10 appears to me sublime. He had spent years waiting for a more elegant and minimalist visual aesthetics. And at the level of functionality all the advantages seem fabulous. But security and privacy are paramount in these times ...

If this situation makes you feel uncomfortable or suspicious, you can improve the privacy of your Lock Screen accessing Settings> Touch ID and code and unchecking the options under "Allow access while locked".

Specifically the option you must disable the widgets for iOS 10 does not appear is "Viewing Today." Thus you not have to be eliminated one by one your favorite widgets when you go to leave.

Once you have turned off the "Display Today" option in iOS Lock Screen 10 Widgets panel swiping your finger to the right will no longer appear.

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