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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Will we soon see an iPhone with Triple Rear Camera?

IPhone 7 Plus is the first popular handsets to have two rear cameras instead of the one to which we are all accustomed. Reports say that people have been buying more iPhone 7 Plus version of the iPhone 7, and the dual-chamber is one of the reasons why users make this decision.

Technology dual lens camera with a telephoto side is new to the world of smartphone. Instead, the double chamber is not. Cheaper devices such as Xiaomi have already included this feature, and the new high - end device, Huawei P9, include it with some changes, as the secondary chamber is monochromatic, which aid to make some great pictures in low light.

A very useful technology

You could say that the most useful and impressive idea of including two cameras came from the hand of LG G5. Its secondary camera wide angle helps us to get a view of 135 degrees, which is not only impressive, but it is also very helpful to photography enthusiasts and video.

If you want proof of the utility of this wide - angle camera, just have to ask some vlogger that record their videos in confined spaces, such as inside the car or a side room of your house, or dance instructors who want to show their routines but they recorded in a small room. The list goes on and on, and each of the examples you very useful to this new technology.

Professionally finished photos

Maybe it's a little early to draw these conclusions. There are certain technical aspects that need to be improved so that today 's mobile are able to make use of this technology, but to combine the telephoto camera iPhone 7 Plus with wide angle LG G5 would be an innovation in mobile photography more than useful for many.

Imagine a camera that let you take pictures at 10mm, 28mm and 56mm, a utility that even DSLR cameras can get only if you use two separate lenses, which need to be constantly changed to larger and more tedious lenses.

Will Apple be the first company able to launch a device with three cameras? Only time will tell. It would be very useful for those who like the world of photography and video tool.

Do you think this may be a feasible technology? Leave your answer in the comments!

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