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Monday, 31 October 2016

With the closure Vine, Who Dominate the Sector Now?

It 's been a little while since we reported the closure of Vine , an event that caused and still causes great controversy in the network, especially by its most active users. Many of these users say they do not understand the decision, nor are reasons why this was taken. However, Twitter had reason to terminate the operations of this network.

In its early years, Vine was seen as a revolution in sharing moments of our lives with others. The app, let (Y allows, but not for much longer) climb up to six seconds of video and share them with your followers. At first glance, it appeared that six seconds would not give for nothing, but creators around the world showed that time was no limit to express their creativity.

Users not only arrived, competition also

It was from these videos of these creators, who were giving life to this community. Millions of users were attracted to this new type of "fleeting" story that was played in loop until you decided you just stop it . However, its success attracted not only users, also competition.

Competition would come from companies like the queen of social networks, Facebook. The latter could not pass up the opportunity of micro-video, and decided to use Instagram to its subsidiary to begin a harsh crackdown Twitter app.

Twitter continues to fight for the good of us all

And we make no mistake, technology, and other things, the winner is not the one who strikes the first blow, but still standing after the battle. And few, if any, they can compete against a giant who has already surpassed a while one billion users ago. Facebook Instagram has managed to integrate the tools already provided Vine, and combined with those already owned, thus offering a unique experience possible comparison with Vine.

And that is why, that only they now dominate this market. They have the resources to knock down any adversary, Twitter on the other hand continues to struggle, but not to beat Facebook, but to get ahead. And I fear that this battle will be long and hard, unfortunately not us, the users, but for the workers themselves of the social network.

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