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Friday, 7 October 2016

X-ray images headphone adapter Apple reveal a sophisticated circuiterío

Today, they have begun to circulate a series of photographs showing X - ray images of lightning adapter Apple headphone minijack. What is striking about the images, it is that X-rays reveal a sophisticated circuit all located inside the headset adapter,

X - ray revealed adapter integrated circuit quite unique and most likely case of a built- in digital - to - analog (DAC) converter. And not only includes a DAC converter as in X-ray images can be appreciated things like an integrated amplifier and an analog to digital converter (ADC).

It should be noted that previous iPhones handle DAC and ADC functions internally through a custom Apple chip / Cirrus Logic on the logic board. X-ray analysis headphone adapter show that integrated circuits are marked as "338S00140 A0SM1624 TW", which is probably some kind of DAC.

The dongle is connected to headphones 3.55 mm to iPhone 7 via one end, where a 3.5mm female port is included, while at the other end a male to lightning is housed.'

Here we will show a visual comparison of the Cirrus Logic audio chip included in the logic board iPhone 7 by the DAC / ADC chip amplifier included in the new adapter headphones.

The largest chip iPhone 7 "manages more than DAC / ADC," because it also integrates a codec for audio processing.

Moreover, the sound quality provided by the adapter is probably some lower quality to what we might be used to. For example, when playing an audio file uncompressed 16-bit on the iPhone 6s, the dynamic range is reduced from 99.1 dB of the headphone output to 97.3 dB on the adapter.

But note that this measure is greater than the theoretical maximum that is obtained from a compact disc (which is 96 dB).

Ultimately, apparently Apple engineers "did their job" because the small adapter seems to do the conversion work very well and far exceeds expectations.

Here are the results of a barrage of sound quality tests conducted last month:

Moreover, Apple will launch its new wireless headphones, called EarPods.

The headphones integrate a chip W1 custom design that extends battery life over standard Bluetooth connections, while integrating advanced features such as automatic configuration synchronization, connection between devices without re-matching and more.

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