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Friday, 14 October 2016

Xiaomi flexible screen appears leaked video

Flexible displays will come sooner or later. So far we have only a few devices like the Galaxy S7 LG Flex Edge or curves that we provide but not flexible displays. We can not bend for example but this may change the coming years.

We have seen many experiments with flexible display prototypes but now filtered and another running a well known brand for technology lovers, Xiaomi.

A video of a device Xiaomi MIUI 8 shows a screen that folds filtered. Eye, the video is simply the screen so the end result would be different smartphone. It is an advance that we face a curved screen.

The 30 - second video in question and it could be the future My Note 2 , the expected rival Note 7 (which now should be the Mate 9 ). Not only Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi also seems to point to the curved screens. The technology seems mature and many manufacturers do not hesitate to insert it into its flagship devices.

Here you have the curved screen in question, as you see it is a very different feeling to which we usually have in our rigid smartphones. Maybe someday we can roll up the phone and keep in the portfolio, until then just enjoy watching as technology advances slowly.


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