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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

You Are Saying Goodbye Apple iPad Air?

Apple introduced its first iPad Pro last year, at first we all thought it would be a special nomenclature for an extraordinary model, due to the large size of the tablet ...

However, in March 2016 the Cupertino company launched a new model iPad Pro, this time of 9.7 inches. What's going on ? Is Apple firing the iPad Air? Will we soon an iPad Air 3 or a new iPad Pro?

It seems like Apple has lost interest in the product line "Air" or at least as regards their tablets. We'll see what happens in the event of presentation of new Macs that will take place on October 27.

In fact, it 's been many years since the launch of the iPad Air 2 . It seems that the bitten apple company will focus on the new "Pro".

A rumor network by suggesting that Apple is planning to launch three new tablets during 2017. And all of them "iPad Pro" will be called.

According to the rumors the company will present a 7.9 - inch iPad Pro (which will replace the current iPad Mini), a 10.1 - inch iPad Pro (which would replace the iPad Air ) and a 12.9 - inch iPad Pro (which update the respective existing model).

Of course, these rumors are yet to be confirmed, but as the facts have been happening and have developed presentations of new products Apple seems that the company plans to generalize the nomenclatures of their tablets.

This would allow users think less obsolescence of their devices, but recognize that if true the rumors will be a lot of confusion with each of the models.

What do you think about this? Do you think Apple will release 3 new iPad Pro to market? Would you like to present an iPad Air 3? Like most naming the iPad Pro?

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