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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Your iPad with iOS 10, the New Remote Link HomeKit

The concept of smart home is here to stay, and in one way or another, every major technology companies are jumping on the bandwagon of home automation. Something that seemed the stuff of science fiction, and gave the impression that only stay in the homes of the wealthy, has increasingly become an affordable option, and with which we can, simply, equip our homes a higher level of safety and comfort.

Today, we will look to take advantage hardware already available, such as the iPad, to make it more comfortable control this intelligent environment, which has become our home.

The evolution of HomeKit with IOS 10

In the case of Apple, it was not until 2014, at the annual WWDC classic, when they announced their HomeKit API, which allow for greater integration of home devices with its ecosystem. They have two years past, and it seems that from Cupertino have begun to give the "project" the importance he needed.

IOS 10 can access a more refined version of HomeKit, finally has its own app, Home , among other new features. In this case I will arrange to speak on a particular function, remote access to your "home" because with the new version of mobile operating system, is no longer necessary to have an Apple TV to control your home where you feel like .

Convert your iPad in "Central accessories"

Now, just have an iPad with the latest software version, to enjoy this very interesting feature. Simply go to Settings> Home and there, select the "Use the iPad as a central accessory".

Note that, if you enable this option, you must keep the iPad at home, and always on so it is connected with the devices in all times and work properly. It is important to emphasize that the iCloud Keychain must be enabled to access the function.

So you know how to leverage the new version, with a trick that although he had been given little hype, it can be truly useful to those who do not want to buy an Apple TV for any reason.

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