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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Your iPhone 7 almost naked with the slimmest Cases Elegant

One of the great advantages that can be found in the iPhone 7 is that this is, well, small. It may look a little strange to a 4.7-inch device in these years, but when it loads in your pocket or hold in your hand, just appreciating its compact size.

On the other hand, the small size of the iPhone 7 allows us putting on all kinds of cases, including those that are thick as armor without increasing too much the size of our phone. As we can also add the covers with battery, without greatly increasing the thickness.

Peel Super Thin

This case is not only incredibly thin, but has been designed with minimalism as much as possible. So much so that the company stopped place your logo to not ruin the design. This Super Thin Peel has a thickness of 0.35 mm only, and includes a small detail that will help us avoid the protrusion of the camera from damage.

It is priced at $ 24.99. If you want to buy, here we leave the link. It is not yet available in Spanish shops, but soon we will.

Peel | Buy

Spigen Air Skin

We were quite impressed with the editing of this case for the iPhone 6s, but they have designed for the model of the iPhone 7 is not far behind. There are many cases that want to follow the style of "being and not being , " but the Spigen Air Skin is one of those that gets better.

Made of hardened polypropylene, this case gives the feeling of playing with rubber gloves our iPhone 7. In addition, it is very thin and transparent, which from here we love, because we can keep our iPhone protected without losing any detail.

It is priced at 13.01 euros, and you can get on the link underneath.

Amazon | Buy

Veil Caudabe XT

This is another case of 0.35 mm. Manufactured by Caudabe, this Veil may be our favorite cover the entire list, not just for the price. Unlike the others, it is not made of a transparent material, but it brings a lot of different colors that blend perfectly with the iPhone 7.

Its price is set at $ 19.99. Here we leave the link.

Caudabe | Buy

Ultrathin TOZO

This is the cheapest of all the list cover, but that does not mean it has no quality. It has a very slim design that just skims the 0.35 mm, so that neither the notice that your terminal is set.

It costs 10.77 euros and you can buy here.

Amazon | Buy

Totallee the Scarf

With a name that involves the word "scarf" which in Spanish is "scarf" - and we can imagine that will be very light. This case, unlike the Veil, is semi - transparent and can be found in a variety of colors including burgundy is included, if you want something more classy.

It has a value of 19 dollars (17 euros). If you attention, you can make your purchase on this link.

Totallee | Buy

I hope this compilation has been helpful to find the cover that, besides allowing you to protect your device, it also leaves you to look beautiful design in which many people were working.

Would you buy one? Leave your answer in the comments!

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