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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Youth continue to choose iPhone Why is it?

The number of mobile phones that are available in the market is excessively large. Each with better performance or worse than others, and why it is so surprising that, despite all the options present in shops, young people continue to choose the apple company.

We do not know why, here we leave the results of the survey conducted by Piper Jaffray analyst.

growing fashion among young audiences

Every two years, Piper Jaffray analyst conducts surveys in which the protagonists are teenagers. These surveys help Jaffray understand a little fads that have been brewing among young people during the time, how they are spending their money and how they feel about certain products or brands.

Jaffray has broken his record this year, having surveyed 10,000 young people, instead of the previous 6,500 years.

Figures ever higher

In April, 75% of teens said that their next device would be an iPhone. The new survey this October showed how this percentage had grown to 78%. On the other hand, the percentage of adolescents who owned an iPhone grew from 69% to 74%.

Seeing how things are going in the industry, we can assume that 21% of respondents will opt for Android, while 26% of them already have one.

The messaging application fashion

In addition to fashion phones, also they carried out surveys to find out what the application most used among young social networks, this being Snapchat. The application was selected as the most used messaging app, with 35%. Second, Instagram was the choicest with 24%, followed by 13% for both Twitter to Facebook.

Most of the respondents were 16 years of age, being 55% men and with an annual household income of $ 68,000.

It is interesting to see how fashions are changing and fluctuating over time. Until recently, Facebook would have been at the top of the social networking applications most used and yet, now is relegated to almost last place. Moreover, seeing the number of devices on the market, why young people continue choosing Apple so strongly?

Why do you think this happens? Leave your answer in the comments!

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