10 Touch Gestures iPhone and iPad that perhaps were unaware

Apple is having a great sales success with its new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, thanks especially to its model with dual camera.

The next-gen smartphones of the Cupertino company may be very familiar, its design has not changed dramatically, but almost everything inside has been improved: faster, more powerful, more versatile.

However, whether you're a new user or a veteran, there are many features that may not yet know. In this blog we will inform you about them, and in this case, talk about the hidden touch gestures in iOS.

Need more apps?

On iPhone models with 3D support Touch (iPhone 6s, 6s Plus iPhone, iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus) press firmly on the left side of the screen and slide your finger to the center to open the multitasking applications.

Return to the future…

Click on the left side of the screen and slide your finger to the right to return directly to the previous application.

What a hour ...!

In the Calendar application you can keep your finger pressed on an event in Day view to drag and change the time of the event.

To the lightning!

In Music or Podcasts application (in playback screen) slide your finger up or down to accelerate or decelerate the playback speed.

This yes, this no ...

In my photos and posts slide your finger down on a photograph to close faster.

And my favorite?

In Safari do a tap on the bottom of the app to bring up the address bar and toolbar.

All mine!

In Safari you can see a list of all your recently visited pages keeping your finger pressed on the "+" symbol tab view recent.

Who hates maths?

In the calculator you can swipe left or right over the numbers to erase the digits one by one.

I'm lost…

In Safari you can press on the top (on the clock) to climb to the top, and also in the Photos application.

What the hell was that ...?

While watching a video on your iPhone / iPad you can pinch and spread your fingers to zoom in and zoom out.
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