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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

100 new Pokémon unveiled in the Pokémon GO code

Pokémon GO is the augmented reality game that has entered the history of mobile applications for having made out to the streets to millions of users around the world is experiencing a significant decline. It is logical if we consider that the initial boom attracted both fans of the legendary saga - which turns 20 - as people who had never tried one of the many titles that form.

That is why Nintendo and Niantic, the company responsible for the development, need to take a breath of fresh air to the hit game for users to remain active and not bored of seeing always the same. Just today we told you comes a new update of Pokémon GO , which brings changes in gyms and something that seeks to motivate players: daily bonuses.

These rewards by playing every day is a good reason to continue training these famous pocket monsters or also to resume the adventure if we had left abandoned by finding monotonous. But now comes news of which I already talked in August and surely excite fans of the franchise, because it seems that new Pokémon come.

The Pokémon GO code unveils for the first time the existence of 100 new Pokémon

According to the latest analysis of code apk game, it seems that finally we will see new copies of Pokémon besides those available in the current Pokédex. It is, as rumored since the launch of the game, the Pokémon belonging to the second generation of the saga, that is, the Pokémon Gold and Silver. This analysis of the code reveals some news that have not yet been officially announced by Niantic, contrary to the bonds that arrive today. This is because they are changes that are still in development and are the cornerstone of what is to come in the "big update" we all hope and that should not take long if you do not want to stay in passing GO Pokémon fever.

The most important innovation is, of course , that have been implemented up to 100 Pokémon of the second generation. They range from Chikorita, which in the Pokédex has the number 152, to Celebi, the number 251. In the apk breakdown they have found references to all the creatures of Gold and Silver, although they have not found anything referring to movements or other characteristics. At the moment they are only references, in the absence of official confirmation. Before they reach these new Pokémon game, an update of all servers and adding new information to the application is required.

In addition to this great innovation, they have encountered a curious fact: added the "Transformation" movement Pokémon GO code. If we look back, in the titles for consoles this movement just saw in the Pokémon Ditto. But the truth is that, apart from being almost impossible to achieve, according to the current version Ditto can not execute "Transformation". So we have to wait for this Pokémon to be seen more frequently and in an update give it the possibility of becoming another creature.

In any case, the important thing is that we have confirmation (unofficially) that is evolving Pokémon GO 100 new Pokémon for the second generation. This is something that is sure to give a boost to the game and will make many users continue the adventure of being a coach, because the "Get together" challenge will become much more attractive.

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