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Saturday, 5 November 2016

3 Alternatives to Apple Pencil for your iPad Pro

The iPad Pro Apple is great, colossal, magnificent. But it is difficult to explore the huge size of your screen without a stylus.

The point is that if you want to use the Apple Pencil on iPad Pro need to spend additional € 109, and as the tablet of 12.9 inches or 9.7 are not exactly cheap ...

Although, it should be added that the Apple Pencil is one of the most reliable and intelligent stylus market. But if for any reason you want to opt for any alternative, we're going to help.

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The best alternatives to Apple Pencil


This thick stylus design is one of the best today. Despite its size, it is very comfortable to hold and is made of rubber to provide better grip. Weighs 41 grams and its price is € 24.99.

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FiftyThree is the official stylus developers Paper, one of the most popular design applications from the App Store. Still, it is compatible with any iOS app. Like the previous suggestion, it has a very thick design, is made of aluminum and has an integrated rubber to erase accurately. It costs 72.95 €.

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MARK Adonith

This pen tablet is compatible with all models of iPhone and iPad, offers great freedom when writing or drawing. It is made of aluminum material and has a top mesh. You can find it on Amazon for only 10.16 €.

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