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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

5 apps that can not miss on your iPhone with useful widgets

iOS 10 carries some months between us and sure you're already familiar with all the news that has brought about . One of the most important changes in iOS 10 have to do with the widget.

Previously the iOS widget was in the Notification Center and accessed by dragging the screen down. IOS 10 however, have a new location, is that in addition to the Notification Center can also access them by sliding the main screen from left to right.

On the other hand, the widget are now much more practical and third - party manufacturers have been quick to put the batteries to take advantage of the new system widgets iOS . 10 Here we leave a list of five applications that have widgets more Of the moment.

Get the most out of iOS 10 widgets with these apps!


Cheatsheet is a very practical application that will help you do not forget those little things. Write down your identification numbers, tuition, the combination of your locker or suitcase, a telephone number or anything else. In addition you can quickly identify each thing thanks to the reference icons and copy that information easily to send it by email, for example.

Of course, as you can access all this information without protection from the widget IOS 10 we recommend not to put confidential information or important keys in it.

Weather Underground

There are many applications to know what time it will do, but Weather Underground is different. This app is very powerful and accurate using data collected from a network of more than 100,000 weather stations and also offers hourly forecasts in the widget. The application also provides additional information on air quality, local flu outbreaks, UV index, weather photos taken by users and much more.


Powerful clipboard manager that lets you save and edit snippets of text, links and images in various ways. Copied allows you to save and edit texts and then copy them to another application. The included widget allows you to preview what you have in the clipboard, as well as save or delete any text or image you have in the application.


If you are an active user of Twitter widget it is sure this will be very useful. Thanks to Tweety you can check your feed without having to unlock the device with the widget, as the official Twitter app does not have its own widget. But the thing is not there, because through this widget you can also do RT, open a tweet, see recent mentions and many more things.


Evernote also has its widget for iOS 10, which is very simple but at the same time very powerful. With it you can see three suggested notes as well as several options to create notes, tasks or new reminders, even take a picture. Finally, it has a search function that allows you to sort all your saved notes easily and quickly.

You see, these applications have very simple widgets but both are very powerful and complete. Obviously there are many more applications that have a widget, but these applications are the best widgets have.

What you usually use widgets? Tell us in the comments!

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