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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

5 of the Best Apps to Edit Video on your iPhone or iPad

Today the videos are the order of the day and who more and who less publish from time to time some on their social networks to show what they are doing. But every day more users are taking care of the details and quality of these videos, for which you must have a video editor.

How could it be otherwise, the App Store has numerous application options to edit videos with your iPhone or iPad. That's why today we bring you a small compilation of what we believe are the top 5 video editing applications for iOS, which are powerful enough to create and edit quality videos.

Are you looking for your perfect editor to create your own videos? Read on and select the option that best suits your requirements, you will see that with them you can add background music, text captions, transitions ... and then share your creation on social networks or through apps messaging, for example.

Unleash your creativity with these iOS video editors!

Among the applications of video editing for mobile devices there are two large groups: on the one hand joining the videos you have on your reel automatically following minimal control by the user, and on the other hand those who have a more professional air and allow a deeper editing control. Whatever your preference, you will see that with any of the options that we show below and with a little patience you can create very interesting videos with which to show your weekend getaway, your last trip or anything else you are Occur.


The video editor Apple is one of the best options you can find. It has a very simple and easy to use interface, also has templates for creating trailers, apply filters, change the speed of the images and much more.

Pinnacle Studio Pro

Another great editor very popular among users is Pinnacle Studio Pro. This is a professional editor very easy to use that lets you create high - quality videos from your iPhone or iPad, and has all the necessary functions to achieve. You can even import videos, music and images from services in the cloud or even capture them from the Pinnacle app itself.


Splice is an application that makes editing video is something very simple. It allows you to create completely customized videos and with a professional look very easily from your iPhone or iPad, trimming clips, adjusting transitions, add slow motion effects, Apply filters and much more.


Magisto is one of the most used video editing apps on smartphones and tablets. It has all the features and features necessary to create videos easily and intuitively. It is an app completely automatic editing video, just add photos and videos, choose a theme and add a soundtrack, Magisto will do the rest work creating your movie.

Videon - Video Camera and Editor

This application is not only a video editor also lets you record images quickly with your iPhone and iPad for later use in your movie. It has a very clean interface and easy to use, with all the features at your fingertips, both recording and to edit videos.

Each of these editors works in a way, but the essence in all is the same: to join small video clips, add music, titles , text ... Just choose which one best fits your needs and start giving Let loose your creativity, you will see how with a little patience you will get some really incredible results.

What are you waiting for to surprise your friends, family and social network followers with your own videos? Do you dare to make a small short or presentation? Tell us your opinion in the comments!

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