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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

5 Problems More Annoying IOS 10 and its Possible Solution

Apple has introduced a lot of changes in iOS 10 , especially in their native applications. But also in the internal system and the user interface.

However, not everything is perfect in iOS . 10 The mobile operating system Apple also has its problems. From reducing battery older devices to the incompatibility of third-party applications, through connectivity bugs and problems on the lock screen.

But do not worry, we are here to help, and we will try to solve the most vexing problems iOS in October. We started!

1. WhatsApp

Many users have reported problems with the audio recording of WhatsApp, and also with balloons of their notifications. This is a clear example of incompatibility with the latest version of iOS. While we wait for WhatsApp launch a new update to correct it, let's try this:

  • Uninstalls the application
  • Resets iOS.
  • Perform a hard reset.
  • Reinstall the application.

2. iMessage

Messages application Apple has received many new features in IOS 10. But some users sandwich effects and background effects do not work. To resolve this issue go to Settings> Messages to deactivate and reactivate the "iMessage" option. If not, make sure you have disabled the option "Reduce movement" Accessibility.

3. Battery

Yes, iOS 10 is reducing the battery of the iPhone and iPad, especially on older devices. First, you think that after installing iOS 10 may use your iPhone / iPad more than normal. In addition, the system requires re-index large amounts of data and this can drain the battery. But if you also want to improve the battery test duration disabling Widgets and / or using the Web version of Facebook and WhatsApp instead of their official applications.

4. Connectivity

Another major problem lies in iOS 10 Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth. In the case of Bluetooth, if you have problems, disconnect the option in the Control Center, the device restarts and reconnects. You can also try re-pairing your Bluetooth devices. In the case of Wi-Fi, try removing your connection and returning it to set after a reboot.

5. Button Home

Finally, iOS 10 forces users to press the start button to unlock the iPhone and iPad by default. But it is not mandatory. If you want to change this and use the Touch ID without pressing the Home button go to Settings> Accessibility> Start button and activate the "Place your finger to open".

Additionally iOS 10 has other minor bugs like the lack of privacy Widgets or deleting data in IOS 10.1 Health . Hopefully Apple batteries (as well as WhatsApp developers) turns and soon solve this mess.

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