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Sunday, 20 November 2016

5 Reasons Why The iPhone 7 Plus Is Ideal For The Family

The search for an ideal device for the family environment encompasses a wide variety of products. But with the launch of the iPhone 7 Plus we have the problem solved.

The challenge for any smartphone is to meet most requirements of any modern family. We want a device with a nice design, with a powerful processor, and with a good autonomy.

Of course, there is no perfect smartphone, but in this article we will tell you why we think the iPhone 7 Plus is ideal for you and your family.

1. Battery

The iPhone 7 Plus has a slightly longer range than the iPhone 7. If you usually charge your smartphone at night, the iPhone 7 Plus will be perfect. After a full charge, it will last 24 hours a day, as long as it does not exceed 10 hours of use.

2. Screen

Taking a phablet with you is not ideal, but the large screen of the iPhone 7 Plus not only gives you more space to interact with your fingers, but also shows in the resolution and quality of the images. As for the children of your family, you will notice how they spend more time playing with an iPhone 7 Plus than with the PlayStation or the Xbox.

3. Audio

The iPhone 7 Plus and its stereo sound will come in handy to put music to the whole family while you cook, watch YouTube videos with the kids of the house, or just enjoy a good series with your partner.

4. Splashes

The iPhone 7 Plus is splash resistant, something that already makes it an ideal device for family use. This way, in addition, you will save yourself having to buy a case to avoid damages caused by water and other liquids.

5. Camera

Capturing familiar moments will become something much more fun with the iPhone 7 Plus and its dual camera. In addition, the iPhone 7 Plus features a new feature called Portrait Mode that significantly improves the depth of field effect in photos.

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