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Sunday, 13 November 2016

5 Things iOS you'll miss if you go to Android

Switching from iOS to Android (or vice versa) does not have to be a bad thing. Each operating system has its features and, depending on the taste and / or needs of each user, each version has its advantages and disadvantages.

In addition, Android often copy features of iOS, and iOS copy Android functions. This does not matter. Companies must provide their users with the best performance that technological development can offer. And this does nothing but benefit consumers.

However, in this article we will talk about the things you would miss if, at some point, decide to spend iOS to Android. And it's completely legal, there are even people who use both operating systems on their smartphones and tablets. And we love that.


The Reachability feature allows users to reach the content of applications with one hand down the interface to the bottom. On most Android smartphones this feature is not available, the only one in which we have found it on the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Magnifying Glass Mode

This is one of the latest iOS 10, the magnifying glass mode allows you to zoom in to better view the contents of your applications.


Something that you will miss, and much, in Android is the application iMessage. And now that IOS 10 has received a lot of benefits. It is rumored that could soon arrive at Android, but it is not something confirmed.


One of the clearest things between iOS and Android is the superiority of Google regarding Siri Assistant. Apple's personal assistant is much faster, much more accurate, and much more effective overall.

Fluidity and stability

Finally, something you'll miss a lot if you switch to Android (no one is asking you NOT to) is the stability and fluidity of each and every element of the user interface. And it is that Apple is very restrictive with your system, but it is not to slow down or have lag as in most smartphones and Android tablets after a few months of use.

Of course, on the contrary you will also throw other things of less. That is, if you go from Android to iOS you may miss the customization of various elements of the interface, widgets and many other features. What do you miss about iOS? And on Android? Let's stop wars and make technology a better world!

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