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Monday, 14 November 2016

5 Useful Tricks for iPhone and iPad You Need to Know

The Apple iPhone and iPad are much more complex devices than we might think at first. And it is that your software and hardware hide all kinds of functions and features hidden in the system.

This article will tell you 5 great and useful tips so you can fully enjoy all the features of your iPhone / iPad.

Below you will learn how to use these tricks very easily to enhance the user experience provided by Apple mobile devices.

1. Save battery

When you run out of battery power (30%) on your iPhone or iPad, you can try disabling or configuring the settings below to increase battery life.

  • Settings> Wi-Fi
  • Settings> Bluetooth
  • Settings> Privacy> Location
  • Settings> Battery> Low power mode
  • Settings> Sounds> Keyboard clicks

2. Change the direction of Panorama mode

When you are taking a panoramic photo in the iPhone Camera application, you can also change the direction to pan left to right or right to left by pressing the arrow next to this mode.

3. Undo text

There is an especially useful option, which we have all discovered sometime by mistake, to undo the previously written text. You will simply have to wiggle your iPhone / iPad in the air gently so that the option appears and delete the message.

4. Generate passwords with Siri

Apple's personal assistant can do all sorts of things with voice commands, and that includes generating random passwords. Simply activate Siri and asks "random password".

5. Activate a virtual Home button

If you're having problems with the Home physical button on your iPhone or iPad, you can always use the Virtual Home touch button on iOS. To enable go to Settings> General> Accessibility and active AssistiveTouch.

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