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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

8 Best iOS 9 Jailbreak Tweaks

Throughout this last week there has been a little hint of activity in the Jailbreak community compared to other weeks.

While it is true that things in Cydia go slower than expected due to the expected release of Jailbreak IOS 10, but we have found some very interesting tweaks for iPhone and iPad.

In this article we will recommend the most interesting panorama regarding Jailbreak Tweaks Cydia.

Tweaks, tweaks and more tweaks!

EmojiSuggest: This new tweak brings Emojis the predictive keyboard devices Jailbreak iOS 9. If you're writing words, will suggest emoji related to what you're writing.

PasswordRecovery: A fabulous tweak in Cydia that lets you recover your forgotten passwords with Touch ID. It works very simply, and it saves you from going through complex recovery processes.

NCTextColor: This tweak gives you the ability to change and / or customize the text colors Notifications Center.

NCDarkClear: A very similar to the previous tweak, but in this case allows dark and light elements of the Notifications Center.

RiftBoard: This Cydia tweak gives users the option to enable the Home Screen from any application of IOS with Activator.

WiJoin: Finally, this tweak shows the network to which you connect in a small window.

While this last week has not been large movements in the scene Jailbreak iOS 9, as previously overtook it is possible that during this week we see many more tweaks appear in Cydia. In addition, we could also have good news about the release of Jailbreak IOS 10 .

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