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Thursday, 10 November 2016

A New Version of iOS 10.1.1 Available, Although Not For Everyone

It is completely normal that software updates are released regularly, finally, after all , constant maintenance of all software currently required. Whether it's bug fixes or new features, there's always a reason to keep upgrading our devices.

However, sometimes updates appear, asking us to take up some space on our device for installation, without providing the least change record. And in the end, it is a bit strange, install something you do not know what will change, because in the end there is always a change that affects us.

A new compilation of iOS 10.1.1

This case is even stranger than normal, and no, not require an update from current users of IOS 10.1.1. Today, Apple has released a new compilation of iOS 10.1.1 on its servers, in order to replace a possible defective version.

Out information on changing build number (from 14B100 to 14B150), which offer us from MacRumors , has not disclosed any registration of changes and reasons for this update. This type of updates usually happen when there are problems with the installer, which is why this new compilation is supposed to have been created.

Only available in some specific cases

It will only be available from iTunes, and not as an OTA update, that is, it will only be available for devices that require a restoration or upgrade by cable. And, as I said before, it will not be available for current users of IOS 10.1.1.

Anyway, before long, will come the new version 10.2, and as we have already advanced , includes some other interesting novelty. And that update will come to all of us, we just hope that there are no problems in its release, as it gives the impression that has happened with this version.

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