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Saturday, 5 November 2016

A video shows iOS10 jailbreak fully operational

In recent months they have not appeared much news about the jailbreak iOS 10 except sporadic publications Luca Todesco on Twitter, showing off their skills as showing hacker working on iOS Cydia 10. 

Now another hacker (@ ijapija00) demonstrates iOS jailbreak iOS version 10, to be more precise, showing a video of an iPhone 7 Plus with 10.1 iOS jailbreak. The hacker claims and also works on iOS 10.1.1.

10.1.1 iOS currently is the latest public versions of iOS, so this is great news in terms of breaking the latest security updates from Apple. The company has been fighting hard against jailbreaking through periodic software updates, which contain a constant flow of new features and bug fixes.

This jailbreak demo is based on a single exploit and is considered "stable", which is a brilliant achievement taking into account iOS 10 has a railway protection in the kernel.

As with the demonstration of iOS Luca Todesco 10 @ ijapija00 you are using an alternative library specializing in Cydia Substrate which can actually work in the latest firmware. This allows jailbreak tweaks work, although Cydia Substrate has not been updated to run on the latest operating system.

One thing worth noting is that it uses a set of third-party applications to display the version of IOS and the type of iPhone you are using instead of going to Settings -> General ->, which raises some doubt why do not He made of the second form. Here are the video in question.

Like the jailbreak of iOS 9.3.3 Pangu, this jailbreak appears in the video as a semi-untethered.

Moreover, like other demonstrations that have seen, this jailbreak will probably never light publicly.

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