All the news that you will see in Pokemon GO and that everyone expected -


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Thursday, 17 November 2016

All the news that you will see in Pokemon GO and that everyone expected

Pokémon GO prepares for Christmas with a lot of improvements that would come to completely renew the gaming experience. Among them would be to organize fights between players, babies and 100 new Pokémon Pokémon.

Why is not direct combat between coaches allowed, as is happening in console games? The collector's spirit is great, also augmented reality or collecting objects. But, once the Pokémon GO becomes monotonous, it ends up disengaging. Millions of users are aware of the symptoms.

The December update will be played: GO Pokémon will receive notable improvements

Halloween campaign or previous awards event play reveals the interest of Niantic to accommodate Pokémon GO to seasonal campaigns. In this way, the return of the first players and the inclusion of new players is strengthened. But of course, not only with prizes is managed to maintain the facilities, also with news that really incite to play.

Among the major demands of the players there are two historical: the radar catches and direct fighting between coaches. With the first one we have been waiting for months: the radar has been activated in some countries and certain participants. For the second we must wait for Christmas.

Radar is not yet available, but direct fighting would be on the verge
It is not official, but a rumor quite basic: the December update said would come with fighting and with another novelty, the "Baby Pokémon". These would replace the eggs, one of those elements that are not essential in the game either. As in the console games, we could receive a breeding of Pokémon that will later evolve to adult Pokémon (probably walking, just like the eggs). For example, we could get a Pichu that would become an electrifying Pikachu.

In addition, and if that were not enough (at least considering the low level of additions we've seen so far), Pokémon GO receive 100 new Pokémon announced. This would be a real incentive to restart the game, especially if, taking into account that it will be Christmas, Niantic takes the opportunity to organize another event with gifts.

I look forward to this update

I must admit that I have returned to Pokémon GO after a couple of months unopened. First it was for the events and later because I resumed the desire to complete the Pokédex. I must admit that it costs to open the game once you find the usual Pokémon, but it is also true that Pokémon GO still maintains the essence of the Game Boy cartridges that I still keep for some drawer.

I enjoyed the game a lot, especially when the fever broke out and shared with strangers the catches taken. I also checked in my own legs how much it incites to walk, this is a very praiseworthy thing. And yes, the monotony remains its main handicap.

I find positive changes that Niantic intends to introduce. Any improvement is always welcome, especially if it concerns the increase of possibilities. We all knew that the initial boom could not be maintained over time, and it is better this way: in the end, we will know who to value the game. There are still many: it is still possible to see congregations of players around Poképaradas with bait.

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