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Saturday, 12 November 2016

An iPhone 7 Plus Replaces in China by Touching the Floor

This news is becoming more and more common. We do not know what they have been doing manufacturers, but the terminal stars of the big companies have continued to attract attention for their ability to exploit.

Now it is the turn to an iPhone 7 Plus, which has exploded in Yunnan Province, southeast China, accidentally fall to the ground, causing the battery to catch fire by force of impact.

Apparently, the device manufactured by Apple emitted smoke and strong vibrations, while the screen is cracked and separated from the terminal body. In the images you can see all the damage caused to the phone.

Very isolated cases

This is the fourth case of an iPhone in July exploiting that we know of . The other three happened during the journey to be delivered, another inside a car that almost burned completely and the last when the owner recorded a video.

However, the explosions of Apple terminals are a fairly isolated case and that happens very infrequently. Samsung handsets, for example, tend to explode quite frequently - even washing machines - earning the ridicule of users on social networks. Although the Korean company has tried to stop the problem, it is already too widespread to be completely solved.

If companies want to launch a good product to market, with which users feel safe, they will have to strengthen security processes before these devices are removed for sale.

We know that Samsung's huge problem comes from its battery, but what is it doing to exploit Apple's mobiles? Certainly are cases quite far apart in time, but it will be better than the Cupertino are put to work to solve this problem as soon as possible, before they pass what Samsung with its washing machines.

Why do you think they explode? Leave your answer in the comments!

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