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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Apple Activates Single Sign-On in iOS and TVOS

The single sign or Single Sign-On (SSO) was one of the major developments that the US company introduced in TVOS 10 in the WWDC 2015 . However, when this version was deployed last September there was no sign of This news, and before the stir formed, Apple announced that this feature would come soon.

The truth is that there has been a long wait, as it has been now when some users already have at their disposal this development. That's because Apple has included the single sign in the latest beta of TVOS and iOS version, but Is only available for the time being in the United States.

The single sign -on or single sign-on to access serve only once and have access to other paid apps from our Apple TV. In this way, it will not be necessary to register with the same credentials over and over again in the different services that you have contracted and that can be seen through this device.

Single sign-on will optimize the use of tvOS apps

As mentioned above, Apple has quietly activated the single sign - on betas of iOS 10.2 and 10.1 TVOS. Thanks to this feature, the user will only have to identify in multiple applications and services in streaming only once, which greatly simplifies the process, improving the experience of viewing content.

The single sign works, as its name suggests, as a universal login in various applications. You can put your username and password you use once and Single Sign-On and automatically connect to additional applications.

Undoubtedly, this is a really useful feature because it saves the user a lot of time eliminating the need to enter their credentials again and again in each of the applications. Currently this single sign-on feature is only available in the United States and is supported by a few content providers such as Dish, GVTC Communications, Hotwire and Sling TV, but this list is expected to expand gradually.

In addition, we must not forget that this functionality is not limited to TVOS 10 will also be available in IOS 10.2. And is that although originally planned to launch the single sign-on only for TVOS 10, the feature will also be available on the iPhone and iPad within a very short time.

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