Apple and McLaren are in talks -


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Monday, 21 November 2016

Apple and McLaren are in talks

A few months ago Financial Times reported that Apple was planning to acquire McLaren, and so it seems, it was a simple rumor is increasingly taking shape.

According to an interview from McLaren CEO to Reuters, Apple and McLaren currently have an open communication channel, although that does deny categorically that the Cupertino have presented some firm offer to take over the company.

Still, although both companies are in talks, it seems that Apple has left parked the idea of electric cars, or at least that is what most rumors claim.

Similarly, and although it is the first thing we comes to mind, it is important to note that this news does not have to be directly related to the hypothetical "iCar" because just from McLaren may be intestate in which Apple develops Software that they can then include in their vehicles.

What do you think the union between Apple and McLaren? Remember that the car company, recognized worldwide, is famous for looking for elegance and efficiency in their vehicles, something that with the help of Apple could go a step further.

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