Apple bets on Health hiring the best doctors in the world -


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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Apple bets on Health hiring the best doctors in the world

Apple just hired a medical doctor by Duke University - one of the best universities in the world, a member of the well - known Ivy League - Ricky Bloomfield and his team, already at the time collaborated on the development of the functions of Health or Health, integrated into the Carekit platform, even under open source by Reserchkit . The goal of having this prestigious doctor is simply to bet heavily in research to improve Health in all your devices.

Katie D. McMillan @KatieDMcMillan
Congrats to @rickybloomfield on his new position with the @Apple #health team! So exciting!

This new signing is just one of the significant investment of Apple by the Department of Health of all its products . In September they hired Dr. Mike Evans - who has a Youtube channel dedicated to health - Dr. Rajiv B. Kumar - who has employed HealthKit to help patients with diabetes - and Dr. Dr. Stephen Friend , all experts in the field of integrated medicine to new technologies and telecommunications. One of the improvements that led iOS 10 was none other than the possibility of requesting medical reports by HealthKit .

Dr. Bloomfield path in the field of medical technology is impressive. So far, Ricky Bloomfield has worked in the department of mobile devices at Duke University, getting his hospital implement improvements in applying the latest technologies. In addition, it is a recognized speaker in technological symposia and has already been the image of Apple in 2014, when he collaborated in the development of Health platform.

Also, Bloomfield has also developed the Autism Beyond program in order to figure out how autism begins in the earliest ages. In Beyond Autism it has implemented an app that uses the iPhone camera to record the reactions of children to certain short videos. Thus, the app analyzes the recordings and returns the data to doctors, who will be responsible to adjust the algorithm, still under development. Once you have debugged the most of the app, will serve parents to control certain mental disorders such as autism or anxiety.

When some critics who question Apple's innovation in recent times, the Cupertino stand as investors pioneers in applying their gadgets for everything related to health and fitness arise.

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