Apple blames fake Boots of iPhone blasts -


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Monday, 21 November 2016

Apple blames fake Boots of iPhone blasts

After worrying and increasingly frequent failures and iPhone explosions in various parts of the world but especially in China , Apple has launched an investigation to try to find their cause. Surprisingly, Apple has chosen to ignore all guilt - as mentioned in the post Why exploits the battery of my iPhone? Usually caused by design errors and a test of insufficient failures - grounds that are not original chargers the heads of such accidents.

Let's face it , the original Apple chargers are expensive, no doubt. And such a high price is not justified with exceptional quality, because in fact they break with relative ease, given their frequent use. Regarding non-original chargers, it is likely that the quality of the materials will not be as good on Apple chargers and that they may not have as many safety mechanisms, but the market is very broad.

And we can find from real bargains with pint of breaking the third use and other, somewhat higher price and recognized brands that ensure standards processes of acceptable quality and some assurance, for example Belkin, AUKEY or Amazon Basics, that although they are Manufactured in Asia have an excellent after-sales and return policy. We do not think they should all get into the same bag.

These three chargers supplied by Amazon for example are great purchase options at a price much lower than the originals.

  • AUKEY Cable Lightning
  • Belkin Car Charger & Lightning Cable
  • Syncwire Cable Lightning

The problem usually comes when buying any charger by looking only connections are adequate, heedless in amperage, the packaging which comes wrapped or has any certification on it, feedback from other buyers and policy sale. For example, Appleinsider talks about half-dollar chargers that just charge the iPhone battery up to 50 - 60% intermittently, causing the battery to become corrupted and damaged.

If you buy a charger other than Apple, at least remember to look above the amp load, to ensure that load with a proper flow, that has safety certifications involving the use of appropriate materials and The temperature increases and the continuous energy supply have been tested, without load peaks and the like.

All these premises are included in it an MFi device - Made for English i iPhone, iPad or iPod - ie, that has a chip authentication for the Lightning connectors. Finally, if you buy online, also check the opinion of other users, the shipping charges and return and there is a guarantee to avoid trouble both with your devices and your health.

Have you bought any non-original Apple charger? Have you noticed differences in performance over the original or on your Apple device?

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