Apple continues to work to make improvements to Siri -


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Friday, 4 November 2016

Apple continues to work to make improvements to Siri

We are not caught by surprise that companies continue to work on improvements to their digital assistants. And the smart home will necessarily go through them, so, if they can design a good system, people want to have in their homes to help them with their home automation devices.

In this case, we talk about how Apple works in one of the most important in the future of digital assistants qualities. The natural communication, the ability to recognize and respond to natural language conversations outside the typical predefined commands.

Again, artificial intelligence as protagonist

Apple is increasingly in the spotlight artificial intelligence, and not something that caught us new, since the today was not his first move . However, that's perhaps the most related to its Siri digital assistant.

In this case, Business Insider transmitted which could be the main objective of the research and development department located in Cambridge. This center would be the place of development of the new features of Siri natural language. In addition, they would be working with the employees of the old company VocalIQ, acquired in 2015 by the same Apple.

Soon, we'll talk with Siri

As I mentioned before, natural language functions are crucial, as we would establish more effective communication with Siri, and precisely those responsible for VocalIQ, specialize in that aspect. And the reason for its acquisition, was nothing less than a set of APIs self-learning to improve human-machine dialogue designed by the company itself.

So, knowing the effort you are putting Apple to improve Siri, we can only hope, and imagine what is in the not too distant future can do. I am sure that when finally the results are displayed, it will not leave anyone indifferent, not even Google Assistant. At the end of the day, who would not want to talk to Siri as if it were an ordinary person?

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