Apple gets new patent on health monitoring via headphones -


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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Apple gets new patent on health monitoring via headphones

On this day, Apple was granted a patent that refers to a sports device which has has the ability to make health monitoring. Basically it is a health monitoring system for headphones.

Published by the Patent and Trademark Office US, with the patent number 9497534 and the name "Sports monitoring system for headphones, earbuds and / or headsets , " in addition to providing information on new technology,   Include the claims of ownership of similar patents (2014/2013).

In this patent is information suggesting that Apple may eventually integrate some of the technologies described in a future product, specifically a device Airpod next generation.

According to recent revisions of the current patent, Apple plans to integrate a monitoring system consisting of a series of advanced, capable of detecting various physiological metrics such as temperature, heart rate and perspiration levels, among other biometric sensors. As most wearables are designed with built-in sensors, the new device proposed for headphones would control biometric data through skin contact inside the ear, as well as record movement activity through built-in accelerometers.

However, the patent of the Cupertino company refers to new information that is working on advanced application of this patented technology in AirPods.

Keeping this in mind, users could interact directly with sensitive touch device parts to activate system controls. Alternatively, users can give commands by means of a provided microphone, which are then processed on a host device such as an iPhone.

It's unclear if Apple intends to integrate sports and health monitoring functions into its AirPods wireless headphones, although incorporating more advanced sensors into wireless headphones would be a technical technical challenge, difficult to apply, but not impossible.

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