Apple gives the first step towards the end of Parkinson's -


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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Apple gives the first step towards the end of Parkinson's

According to several sources, Apple could continue its expansion in the health area after the launch of the Carekit platform or patent some wearables devices aimed at measuring health parameters , adding a new line of research that would determine whether the iWatch and iPhone can be used to passively monitor the symptoms of Parkinson 's .

With the series of data extracted from these devices and properly managed, would facilitate the work of medical detection and diagnosis of disease, especially for some patients whose hospital visits are rare. It is therefore a measure that would improve the quality of life of their patients.

The manager of the research is Dr. Stephen Friend, part of the significant investment in recruiting the best doctors worldwide with some experience in application technology developed by Apple to ensure innovation and success in their future additions. The objective is to develop a portfolio of research proving the effectiveness of mobile monitoring, later integrating advance it in future gadgets.

Dr. Friend is an expert in treatment and control of Parkinson 's . In addition, he contributed to the research and development of ResearchKit through the company Sage Bionetworks, of which he is co-founder. However, their collaboration with Cupertino has been continued and extended over time.

The trajectory of Sage Bionetworks in research is truly impressive. In addition to numerous Parkinson's projects in collaboration with a number of top-tier US hospitals, it has also expanded its areas of action to cancer by developing a project in conjunction with the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the UCLA Department of Public health related to breast cancer.

With these strong investment in research and continuous collaborations with centers of excellence, Apple is clearly positioning itself as a world power in the practical application of medicine to household gadgets.

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